A way to digitise your shelf

The easy way to set up your shelves , no matter where you are.

a purple and white logo for the dti shelf
a purple and white logo for the dti shelf

Cost effective efficient way to digitise

Updating price of the shelves is just a click, anybody can do it ? Saving lots effort, cost and energy by reducing risks of errors.


Maximize your shelves throughputs

We specialize in designing and manufacturing a wide range of DTS accessories that cater to diverse installation and display requirements in various settings. Our comprehensive collection of DTS comprises shelf rails, table stand supports, peg hook supports, hanging display boards, and telescopic floor stands, among others.


Easily track expense & saving data


Unlike other ESL app, we're all about categorizing your saving in financial data into meaningful and easily comprehensible charts and tables. We won't leave you guessing.

What do they say?

Easy to use

I've used all products available in the market to solve our shelf's price update problem but it was not fully solved until we tried DTS, thanks DTS for solving our problems. It's one stop for all your shelves problem. DTS was a pleasant surprise! The team is really happy and we're very impressed with DTS magic !

- Anna Jenkins


Amazed by great results!

I rely on DTS for all our shelves pricing tag, it has improved our shelves and overall business efficiencies. Our staff loved it, not just saving time and effort but it has reduced our staffs and customers pain of erroneous pricing tags. Thanks DTS for solving our lives and bringing smiles on our staffs and customers face. I would highly recommend DTS to any business regardless of your size and location.                              

- Danny Lores


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There's no better time to take control of your business and improve the profit and making your staffs lives easy and brining smiles on your customers face. With DTS powerful categorization and visualization tools you'll actually exceed your business target !